Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Salsa & Jalapeno Hands

We did it again. We made MORE salsa that could burn your tongue off. The last batches we made were pretty green due to all the jalapeno peppers we used, so we decided to go a different route this time and made a red salsa. I think I prefer these to the last batches, but they're still unbearably hot. They have a wonderful taste though.

On a somewhat related note, does anyone else suffer from jalapeno hands? I'm super sensitive to the oils in the peppers and any time I so much as dice up one pepper I'm in pain for the rest of the day. It's always intensified after I take a shower and they burn so bad that I have to hold a bag of frozen vegetables in order to get any type of relief. I've googled remedies to this and I've tried them all. Nothing works. I suppose I could wear gloves when I cut them up, but that's such a hassle.

After we made salsa the other day Jake failed to wash his hands. I didn't realize this until we'd been holding hands and mine began to get the burning sensation. It then got a million times worse after I drove the car home that night with the contaminated steering wheel. Oh the pain! Maybe I'll go ahead and invest in a box of those silly gloves before our next salsa making session.

I was informed the other day that once the habanero peppers are ready (we just discovered that they're growing!) I will be required to eat one. Jake has told his whole family that I will take on this task and apparently it's going to be a big production. I'm scared out of my mind, but will probably do it because I rarely turn down dares that involve eating. Wish me luck!

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Margie said...

Wear gloves...and not the disposable type. Get you a good pair and save them for when you do our pepper picking. :) Playtex or comparable.