Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Gold Chain

Yesterday we were driving and Jake mentioned the gold chain he used to wear the first year or two of high school. We talk about this often due to the fact that it's so ridiculous. Here's how last night's conversation went:

me: OMG, I totally would not have liked you in high school!

Jake: I wouldn't have liked you!! HELLOOOO!! You make it sound like you would have had a chance had it not been for the gold chain. I've seen pictures of you!

me: whatever! those pictures were from middle school.

Jake: You were like one step above the kids that played Magic in the library during lunch.

He thinks he was just so much cooler than me. We also have this joke where he tells everyone we know that I was in a book club in high school. I wasn't. We didn't have a book club. I was in student council, national honor society, nation art honor society, and the mock trial team, but I WAS NOT IN A BOOK CLUB! Okay, I might have been in a book club if one had existed, but that doesn't matter. Wearing a gold chain trumps all of those other things.


Desiree Stiles said...


Margie said...

Where's that gold chain? Gold prices hit $1250, yesterday. ;)

Okay, I guess it is time for me to settle this score. I have 'inside' information on how cool you really were. Sitting in the Fort Worth courthouse watching you defend yourself in mock trial competitions was a highlight for me. Seeing you run cross-country was a joy, and as your mother, knowing you weren't settling for something less than the best, well, that was, and is, the tie-breaker.

Now, Jacob, can you go find that chain? I think Megan deserves it.


miltay said...

Um you used to wear floral printed vests with nikes, so I don't think you have much room to talk.

megankl said...

not in high school!