Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tim and Jill's Awesome Wedding

Last Saturday our good friends said "I do" to one another during a beautiful ceremony. An equally beautiful reception followed and we had a fantastic time celebrating with them and all of their amazing friends and family.

Tim's parents live up on a hill in Kelseyville with a spectacular view of vineyards and the lake. They had the reception outside and although it was unseasonably cool for a night in the middle of June, the dancing and portable heaters kept everyone very warm.

The ceremony took place at the bottom of the hill in a vineyard. We had to take a short stroll through the vineyard to get to the ceremony site and it was absolutely breathtaking.

Jill's dad made this sign!

It was such a fun night and we're so excited for Tim and Jill. They are such wonderful people and we're so lucky to have them as our friends.

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miltay said...

I like your cardigan in that picture with Jill!