Friday, June 18, 2010

Odd Salon Experience

I hate going to get my hair cut. I don't hate the actual hair cutting part. I look forward to that. But I hate the small talk part. I especially hate the small talk part when it's someone that's cutting your hair for the first time. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their lives, but when I go to get my hair cut I'd prefer to sit in silence and avoid the "getting to know you" questions.

The experience I had the other day was especially awkward for several reasons. First, the stylist started off by telling me that she normally wouldn't have gotten me in so soon, but she made an exception since my boss recommended her to me. She also mentioned that I was her last appointment for the next few days because her daughter was graduating this weekend. She was going on and on about all the things she had to do so I knew the last thing she wanted to be doing at 5:15 that evening was cutting my hair.

While she was washing my hair she asked me how long I'd lived in Lake County and I went into the story of how long we've been here and how we got here. When I mentioned that I was from Texas she seemed especially surprised that I didn't have an accent. I actually get this response from just about every person I meet here in California. This is weird to me because I actually know very few people from Texas that have an accent. I think people also assume we ride around on horses and that cowboy boots and hats are our favorite accessories. But honestly, I see way more horses, boots and hats here in Lake County that I ever did in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

And here is where the real kicker came....several minutes later when she was about half way done cutting my hair she asked "so were you a cheerleader?" Uh...excuse me? I almost laughed out loud. Now, I'm not 100% positive that the question was generated because she associates Texas with high school cheer leading. There's a small chance that my extremely bubbly personality made her think I was a cheerleader, but since I was hardly talking and not jumping up and down or waving my arms in the air I'm assuming it has to do with the "Texas" thing. I'm sure I had the most confused look on my face, but I simply said "no" and left it at that. I almost said "no, I was in a book club", but I refrained. I don't have anything against cheer leading and was actually flattered that she thought I would be "cool" enough to be a part of that, but sadly I was not.

So just to clear up a few things:

  • Not everyone in Texas has an accent.
  • Not all high school girls are cheerleaders.
  • I didn't ride a horse to school (My parents drove me. Every day. Alllll through high school. Thankfully I arrived at like 6:30 in the morning for cross country practice so very few people were aware that I was that uncool. Okay, they knew I wasn't cool, but for other reasons).
  • Friday nights were reserved for high school football games, BUT our entire lives did not revolve around the game (unless you were our high school principal and then football was your life, but that wasn't the case for the majority of people).
  • We do know what hockey is. And we have a NHL team. Gasp.
  • Yes, they fry every food imaginable at the Texas State Fair, but we don't eat like that every day.
  • I listen to more country music now then I ever did growing up in the Lone Star State.
  • Not all of us are fans of George W. Bush.
  • Most people to not think it would be a wise idea for Texas to secede and become their own country.

Let me know if there are any other misconceptions I can clear up for you :)


Margie said...

1. Football is the official religion of Texas.

2. Aqua-Net is considered an accessory (something to do with humidity).

3. State law requires that you bath three times a day. NOTE: reference item #2.

4. When visiting, please note that you will be required to know what 'area' you are in. For example: The Panhandle is a region, as is, South Texas, North Texas, East Texas, 'The Austin Area' and THE Rio Grande., etc. Please capitalize these when writting about them, and by all means, acknowledge them with the upmost respect. We take this land seriously.

5. FOOTBALL! There is a reason this game exists: Texas

6. Oklahoma claims Will Rogers. Texas has Roger Staubach. (WE ARE BOTH WINNERS!!)

7. The heat won't kill you, but the humidity might. Enjoy life while you can.

8. You can define an area (region) by its food. Barbeque comes from down around Austin. If you eat it in other parts, just don't claim that you did. This is serious stuff. Families are divided over it, literally!

9. Don't be killin it if you ain't gonna eat it! The only sports allowed in these parts is girl watchin or steer wrestling. Oh, I forgot one: You can go fishin on Sundays.

10. There's a reason we have the death penalty; our State motto defines it: "Don't mess with Texas!"

miltay said...

I can't think of anything Texas related, but I'm the same way about haircuts. I started going to my friend's mom to cut my hair (its where that old pro-cuts used to be) and all we ever do is talk about her son, plus the haircuts are like 10 dollars cheaper. The only downside is that Tobey goes to see her too. Eww.

Desiree Stiles said...

Ok! I'm glad that I'm not alone. The last time I got a hair cut the lady started with small talk and then went off the grid with the fact that she thought that she had a strippers body, which she does not! She then told me that the clint that left just before me was a stripper and asked if I would ever consider it. I kindly said no, making every attempt to change the subject I say that I was going to go shopping right after getting done there, which she answers by telling me that she just steals most of the things that she has and sometimes just does it for fun! I then told her that I work at the Police Department and that I should get my hair finished somewhere else! True story! ;-)