Friday, June 11, 2010

New Table Runner

So Kmart has had this tiny little section with the cutest Better Homes and Gardens table linens for the longest time. I hadn't purchased any of the items though because I didn't want to pay full price for them. But then the other day I wandered by my beloved section and saw that everything was on sale! My coveted table runner was marked down to $10 (originally $15)!!! I snatched it right up. That's a lie...I actually stood there for several minutes trying to decide if I wanted to spend $10 or not. I'm frugal that way. Some people might think that it's ridiculous to wait for a Kmart item to go on sale because it's Kmart, not Williams Sonoma, but my mom taught me to never pay full price for anything. I especially do this with clothing. If it's not on the clearance rack then it doesn't end up in my closet. I still felt a little guilty for buying something that I really don't need, but look how cute it is:

And it's reversible! Two table runners for $10...that's hard to beat :)

I moved the table runner that was previously on the table to a new location:

The piano has never looked so cheery!
Oh, and see that cute little bird take a closer look:

My mom #2 found it at the Salvation Army. Doesn't it match the table runner perfectly? I love cheap things :)

1 comment:

Margie said...

The table runner is so, Frances... ;)

Megs, that two-tiered plate is a perfect match for the runner!

Is that a watercolor that Miss V found at Salvation Army? That is too perfect!!!!

Oh, I am so proud that you are cheap, like me. ;)

P.S. Have you snagged that gold chain yet? Just think of all the things you could find at SA with the proceeds of that sale. :)))))