Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How did I not know about this?

The last time I went to the Salvation Army I got a used paperback book for a dollar. It was an "Oprah Book Club" book so I figured it would be great. And it was. I was about half way done with it when I mentioned the book to some people in my office. I started going on and on about how it was about an alcoholic/drug addict that went into rehab and wrote a book describing his experiences. Then I pulled the book out of my purse and my boss said "Oh, that's not a true story." I said "yes, it is. It says so right here on the back of the book!" Then she explained that there was this whole controversy about it a few years ago. So I googled it. Apparently Oprah had chosen his book and even had him on the show because she loved the book so much. Sales sky rocketed and eventually someone did some research and found out that the majority of the story was a LIE! Oprah was mad, the publisher was mad, the people who read the book were mad. The publisher even offered refunds to people who had purchased the book! I was heartbroken to find out this news. The book is excellent and I still recommend it, but just know going into it that it's NOT TRUE!


Margie said...

I kept you hidden in the closet for a reason, Megs.

Yes, I saw the infamous Oprah interview at the time. I, not unlike many others, discovered all is not as it appears. I think I will still read the book, though.

Read Jeannette Walls book, Glass House(s), M. It's a good book and unlike Mr. Frey's, I think it really is true.

Oh, and have you read, Running with Scissors? Now there's a good read!

Gues who told me about these books? Yes. Sweet, dear and precious, Frances. Oh how I miss her. sniff, sniff, sniff.

miltay said...

It just shouldn't have been published as non-fiction, and Oprah's interview was ridiculous. It made me really mad that she tore him to shreds on national TV, he didn't intentionally set out to hurt anyone by having it published as non-fiction.

Haha sorry, I'm clearly way too passionate about this.

Margie said...

Miltay, I commend you for taking a stance. You have read the book, and you have seen the interview.
You come from an educated corner. Kudos! Perhaps the fault stands with the publisher for not getting 'the fulll story'?

The onus is two-fold.